Mackenzie Society v Colt Association

Harry Colt, Hugh Alison OBE, John Morrison, and Dr Alister MacKenzie, designed, developed or amended well over 300 courses around the globe.

MacKenzie who was proposed by Colt for membership of the R and A, joined the Colt Partnership after the war in 1919, but broke away to work on his own in March 1923.

The Colt Assocation have similar aims and objectives to the MacKenzie Society and this annual tournament is a celebration of both these great Golf Architects

The Partners Salver Results


  • 2004 MacKenzie Society beat Colt Association (Cavendish)
  • 2005 MacKenzie Society beat Colt Association (Edgbaston)
  • 2008 MacKenzie Society lost to Colt Association (Worcester)
  • 2010 MacKenzie Society lost to Colt Association (Woodhall Spa)
  • 2011 MacKenzie Society beat Colt Association (Lilley Brook)
  • 2012 MacKenzie Society lost to Colt Association (Sherwood Forest)
  • 2013 MacKenzie Society halved with Colt Association (Sutton Coldfield)
  • 2014 MacKenzie Society lost to Colt Association (Camberley Heath)
  • 2015 Mackenzie Society halved with Colt Association (Stanmore)
  • 2016 MacKenzie Society lost to Colt Association  (Ladbroke Park)