The Society

The Society was founded in 1999 with the aim of celebrating the work of Alister MacKenzie as a golf architect in Great Britain and Ireland through the fellowship of golf. The Society now has a membership of 59 clubs and, as more Clubs delve into their archives, the hand of MacKenzie continues to be detected. In September 1999 the first inter-club match for the MacKenzie Medallion was held at Alwoodley and this competition has since become an annual event.

All member Clubs have the opportunity to play in the Medallion which is hosted by a different Club each year. Each participating Club selects three of its members to represent it in an individual Stableford Competition on a shotgun start. The list of winners and the list of future hosts can be found here on this site.

MacKenzie worked in partnership with Harry Colt from 1919-1923 and the Society competes regularly with the Colt Association for the Partners' Salver. Additionally the winning Medallion team is invited to the Stoke Park Club to play the winner of the Colt Cup each year for the Challenge Cup

A few years ago the Society decided to expand its activities by establishing an Individual Membership. This is limited in number to allow at least some participation in golfing events by every such member of the Society if he or she so wishes.

The Society organises matches with the British Golf Collectors' Society and with teams from member clubs. It also holds at least one Society  day every year for members and guests at a MacKenzie course.

The American MacKenzie Society was founded in 1988 , and it holds an Annual International Tournament to which fifteen specially selected Mackenzie Clubs from all over the world are invited.